We accomplish our goals through dedication to sustainability, consistent improvement and cultivating the growth of a talented team of professionals.

Our Vision

Succeeding Agro-Food market leader, creating Value and making a Difference!

Our Mission

We are committed to our core values of quality, honesty and innovation

Our Strengths









Abdalatti M Abuassi

Founder and Chief executive Officer

A word from the CEO

When we first started the business in 2009, the first thing which we had considered was, how can we stand out and make a difference in the foodservice industry?

With more than a decade of experience, we have seen its highs and lows, opportunities and threats. And we have learned that in order to earn the trust of new partners you have to give them unparalleled value which in turn helps to build trust. Trust then becomes the foundation on which long-term relationships are built and that drives growth.

Our promise
Sustainability.  Quality.  Progress

In 2018 Al Mayar Group and Company carved out a new plan which focused on fund-raising, acquiring local talents and emerging businesses. The fact that we have made progress despite the many challenges is proof of a promising future.